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The Team
The University of Toronto Mechatronics Design Association (UTMDA) is a multidisciplinary; student run group that promotes robotics at U of T. UTMDA will design and construct U of T's entry into the AUV competition at the TRANSDEC facility in San Diego. The project involves the construction of a fully autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), which possesses an array of sensors to allow it to perform complex tasks without need of an operator. Our AUV will require the involvement of computer scientists, scientists and engineers. Students will gain valuable experience in the design,testing and construction of a complex mechatronic system.

The Competition
Every summer, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) hosts the autonomous underwater vehicle competition in San Diego, bringing together more than 30 universities and colleges from all around NorthAmerica. The competition involves the design and production of an automated robot. More specific competition information can be found at AUVSI.org.

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